Your loyalty increases your points 

How to Earn Auras : 

    Special loyalty points known as Auras are earned by purchasing a membership or personal training at Aura Centers

    These Auras can be utilized to avail discounts on a variety of services mentioned below

How are Auras calculated :

15 Auras are earned against every 500 SR inside the gym.

  1. Auras are calculated against 500 SR. For Instance, for a purchase of 4200 SR service, 120 Auras are earned and the remaining 200 SR are not counted.

  2. ​In the event that the member has 200 Auras, they can be gifted to other person for a specific service.

  3. ​For bringing a new subscriber to the gym by an existing member, 15 Auras per new subscription are earned by the latter. 45 Auras can be exchanged for a free month. 

  4. ​All Auras earned by the member expires in one year unless the subscription is renewed. 

How to redeem Auras :

    Minimum Auras to get redeemed is 100.

  1.  100 Auras : Free class for a child/Head and leg massage 

  2. 200 Auras: Swedish massage 

  3. 250 Auras: Hot stone massage session/Sports massage/Therapeutic massage/ Skin cleaning.

  4. 300 Auras : Air cup massage/Mud bath/Moroccan bath/VIP bath/Aromatic session/ Fat breaking session 

  5. 300 Auras (that have a value of 500 SR) can be exchanged against financial balance while making a purchase at Aura Centers.